Friday, June 17, 2011

Primal Law # 7 Is Play

I'm a fan of parodies, anyway. I liked Weird Al when he was first popular. My 12 year old was stunned when I told him Weird Al was part of my young-personhood.

In any case, this parody is not Weird Al, but it's brilliant and fun anyway.

Primal Parenting

Tying my early childhood parenting focus and current adult health endeavor, Primal Blueprint offers a wonderful summary of primal life. Author Sisson uses the name "Grok" as an archetype for early human living. On page 40, he depicts Grok's family. Grok's youngest child, 1 year old eats

"the most nutritious food ever known to humankind-breastmilk. The baby will begin to eat solids within a few months but will continue to rely heavily on breast-feeding for three years. This not only will provide nutrition for physical growth but will giver her immune system a head start dealing with potential health issues her mother has already overcome."
and, page 41, Grok's infant daughter dozes in the "carrying sling" as the family heads off.

Reading. Always Reading.

I am reading Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. His blog is "Mark's Daily Apple" in my links on your right. He offers 10 Primal Laws (because commandments have already been taken.) I'm familiar with a lot of it from having read about low carb over the years. The exercise information is of particular interest to me. His theory is that the "chronic cardio" offered as healthy is actually counter to sustained health and weight, in part due to elevated cortisol levels and appetite. This ties in with Gary Taubes, who bifurcates exercise from weight loss.

The first law is "Eat Lots of Plants and Animals".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On a More Positive Note

A professor I adore is giving a lecture in Dallas. He needs to also turn in a paper, APA style, with this presentation. He's less than comfortable with his APA style and he also wants feedback on content. He asked me if I'd be willing to read and give feedback.

What an honor.

Ugh. TOM.

I wasted carbs and calories and off plan eating on something I don't love.

I hate that. I have a personal rule/standard by which I decide whether to go off plan. I won't go off plan for wedding cake, birthday cake, or some random sweet. I don't like them enough. I won't go off plan for Reeses (and I like Reeses!) If I go intentionally off plan, I want to do so with something I love. I want to enjoy those sensations, not waste them. Good carrot cake? Real cheesecake? Haagen Daz dark chocolate/peanut butter ice cream? That's worth it.

I'm at work and, well, experiencing monthly driven cravings. I had some really mediocre chocolate and a cup of coffee with creamer. Totally not quality; totally not worth it.

The yucky indulgence has been sandwiched (no low carb pun intended) between great food choices: veggies, meat, eggs and more veggies.

I want a do-over, please.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Monday

Dinner. Nearly paleo. The guacamole, which is used both as a dip for the veggies and mixed with the egg yolks (instead of mayo) is store-purchased. I'm at work (library), after class (associated with my practicum). I had an appointment this morning and didn't plan my food day. Leftover steak and veggies served as breakfast and lunch. I'm not drinking enough water. But that's difficult because I have to pee every 15 as it is. People have said the pee-frequency increase is temporary but that has not been my experience in the past when I try.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Now that my weight is moving in the desired trajectory, it's time for some goals.

I have 5 large ziploc bags in my closet full of clothes neatly organized by size. As my size decreases, I'll be able to do some shopping in my own closet.

I graduate with my Masters in Counseling in December. I'd like to be a decent, professional, size at that point.

My 46th birthday is in April. I think that is an excellent day to be near or at my goal weight.

Smart goals -

  • S = Specific

  • M = Measurable

  • A = Attainable

  • R = Realistic

  • T = Timely

  • Joanne's SMART Goals
    1. July 30, be able to fit into most of the clothes in the first bag of clothes (mostly 16's).
    2. August 30, "Onederland" (for those not in the weight loss community, that is a reference to being under 200 pounds).
    3. September 30, be able to shop in my closet for size 14's.
    4. December 10, 170 pounds.
    5. April 15, 2012, 135 pounds.
    6. April 16, Buy new wardrobe, size 12 (less?)? Really?

    Whole 30 Paleo

    So, I've suspected that I am stalled on low carb due to dairy. I had not lost weight in 6+ weeks. This, in spite of eating in a calorie range of 1200-1800 and carbs (mostly veggie) between 11 (must have been right before grocery shopping) and 28.

    Given my weight, I should have been losing. I've read several threads, mostly women, who seem to stall in terms of weight loss on low carb when they eat dairy.

    I decided to give it up and see if that changes things. I had already purchased some low carb dairy products. My budget is so tight that I had to finish those before I could start (and the kids aren't here this month, they are with their Dad, or they would have helped with the yogurt and cheese).

    Here is the site I based my next few weeks on: Whole 30

    I started 3 days ago. Day 1 was no change. Day 2, I had lost over a pound. This morning, I was down an additional 2 pounds. I am not a terribly anxious daily weigh-er. But I do find it interesting that after 6 weeks of no change I am down 3 pounds in as many days after dropping dairy.

    Yesterday's food included:

    Steak and marinated, roasted veggies for breakfast
    Leftover steak
    A plate of raw veggies and guacamole at a friend's home
    some wonderful ribs, cooked with a bit of bbq sauce which is probably not "legal"
    coconut oil bark, small piece
    strawberries, blackberries in coconut milk
    coffee with coconut milk and sprinkle of cinnamon

    Happy Sunday!

    Welcome to my blog. It's been (several very difficult) years since I've blogged. My blogging emphasis used to be parenting, homeschooling, family and natural parenting.

    This blog will be in one way intimate (about my journey to physical health, including weight), it will be less about my life. As a teacher and therapist, what I can say about my  paid for work is limited. I am co-parenting with my children's father in a rather hostile dynamic, and so that will be limited as well.

    Here is some more info. I was very successful on a healthy low carb diet about 10 years ago. I ate mostly vegetables and meat. I was not (after research and deprogramming from the cultural paradigm) dietary fat phobic. 10 years ago, my youngest was 2, and I had birthed 3 babies rather quickly. I was just coming off a ethical/health vegetarian "thing". I was a vegetarian for my second daughter's pregnancy and until I concieved her brother. At that point, I was nursing 2 kids and gestating another one. My body SCREAMED for steak. My veggie buddies said "Nah. That's just indoctrination. You need (black beans, nut butters, brown rice, dairy)." I tried that until I gave into the fact that actually my body needed STEAK.

    I followed a healthy low carb for a couple of years until life tanked big time. {insert long sob story here} Now, I am in my mid-forties, kids are teens, and I am obese. I am 5'5" and weigh 224.3, size 18.

    Adding exercise to my schedule at this point is counter productive. I have 3 jobs, 3 teens and am a full time student. I graduate in December, and although I don't expect to be have too much scheduling freedom at that point since I will be finding a paid for role in which to complete my "LMFT", "LCDC", and "LPC" designations - in addition to teaching 4 days a week and possibly maintaining my full time hours as library assistant at my graduate school.

    A few years ago, I tried Weight Watchers (I was an angry, screaming mess eating lean protein, 100% whole grains, fruits and veggies) and did not lose weight. I tried low carb, lost on Atkins' induction and stalled. I did not have the momentum at the time to persevere. I did get my thyroid checked at that time (I was losing hair at an alarming rate). I don't think they did a full, appropriate panel but what they did do came back "fine". I suspect that the preponderance of dairy based low carb legals was an issue for me then.

    This time around on Atkins low carb, my clean induction created a just under 10 pound loss. I was fine with that. I didn't expect the rate of loss to continue. I have stalled. I am not sure if dairy is a portion (and therefore) calorie issue for me or that I react to dairy in a way that stalls me, but my gut (no pun intended, but I love puns) tells me that the stall is at least related to dairy.