Sunday, June 12, 2011


Now that my weight is moving in the desired trajectory, it's time for some goals.

I have 5 large ziploc bags in my closet full of clothes neatly organized by size. As my size decreases, I'll be able to do some shopping in my own closet.

I graduate with my Masters in Counseling in December. I'd like to be a decent, professional, size at that point.

My 46th birthday is in April. I think that is an excellent day to be near or at my goal weight.

Smart goals -

  • S = Specific

  • M = Measurable

  • A = Attainable

  • R = Realistic

  • T = Timely

  • Joanne's SMART Goals
    1. July 30, be able to fit into most of the clothes in the first bag of clothes (mostly 16's).
    2. August 30, "Onederland" (for those not in the weight loss community, that is a reference to being under 200 pounds).
    3. September 30, be able to shop in my closet for size 14's.
    4. December 10, 170 pounds.
    5. April 15, 2012, 135 pounds.
    6. April 16, Buy new wardrobe, size 12 (less?)? Really?

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