Friday, June 17, 2011

Primal Parenting

Tying my early childhood parenting focus and current adult health endeavor, Primal Blueprint offers a wonderful summary of primal life. Author Sisson uses the name "Grok" as an archetype for early human living. On page 40, he depicts Grok's family. Grok's youngest child, 1 year old eats

"the most nutritious food ever known to humankind-breastmilk. The baby will begin to eat solids within a few months but will continue to rely heavily on breast-feeding for three years. This not only will provide nutrition for physical growth but will giver her immune system a head start dealing with potential health issues her mother has already overcome."
and, page 41, Grok's infant daughter dozes in the "carrying sling" as the family heads off.

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