Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ugh. TOM.

I wasted carbs and calories and off plan eating on something I don't love.

I hate that. I have a personal rule/standard by which I decide whether to go off plan. I won't go off plan for wedding cake, birthday cake, or some random sweet. I don't like them enough. I won't go off plan for Reeses (and I like Reeses!) If I go intentionally off plan, I want to do so with something I love. I want to enjoy those sensations, not waste them. Good carrot cake? Real cheesecake? Haagen Daz dark chocolate/peanut butter ice cream? That's worth it.

I'm at work and, well, experiencing monthly driven cravings. I had some really mediocre chocolate and a cup of coffee with creamer. Totally not quality; totally not worth it.

The yucky indulgence has been sandwiched (no low carb pun intended) between great food choices: veggies, meat, eggs and more veggies.

I want a do-over, please.

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