Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whole 30 Paleo

So, I've suspected that I am stalled on low carb due to dairy. I had not lost weight in 6+ weeks. This, in spite of eating in a calorie range of 1200-1800 and carbs (mostly veggie) between 11 (must have been right before grocery shopping) and 28.

Given my weight, I should have been losing. I've read several threads, mostly women, who seem to stall in terms of weight loss on low carb when they eat dairy.

I decided to give it up and see if that changes things. I had already purchased some low carb dairy products. My budget is so tight that I had to finish those before I could start (and the kids aren't here this month, they are with their Dad, or they would have helped with the yogurt and cheese).

Here is the site I based my next few weeks on: Whole 30

I started 3 days ago. Day 1 was no change. Day 2, I had lost over a pound. This morning, I was down an additional 2 pounds. I am not a terribly anxious daily weigh-er. But I do find it interesting that after 6 weeks of no change I am down 3 pounds in as many days after dropping dairy.

Yesterday's food included:

Steak and marinated, roasted veggies for breakfast
Leftover steak
A plate of raw veggies and guacamole at a friend's home
some wonderful ribs, cooked with a bit of bbq sauce which is probably not "legal"
coconut oil bark, small piece
strawberries, blackberries in coconut milk
coffee with coconut milk and sprinkle of cinnamon


  1. Good to see you blogging! I'm afraid of dropping dairy, but I'm beginning to wonder if that isn't why I'm stalled, too. I'm only 5 weeks into eating low carb, and I lost 9 pounds in the first two. I've lost nothing at all since then. I'll be interested to hear about what you're eating and cheering you on to meet your goals!!

  2. Hey, I saw your post on the low carb forum. Are you going to start a Whole 30 challenge? I'd be willing to join in. I did it in March and lost 12 lbs, after being stalled on low carb w/dairy for years.